A Glimpse of the recent Villedon Catches 08 March 2017

We carp anglers are die hards. Spring hasn't started yet but some guys have already been fishing at Lac de Villedon these days. You can see on their faces and on the colours of the pictures that the temperatures weren't very high, but they couldn't wait any longer. Here's a Glimpse of the recent Villedon Catches.

Swim 2: 20.2 kg, 14.2 kg, 22 kg, 15.2 kg & 15.1 kg "A petty we had bad weather but we had a great week. See you soon Paul. Eelco"
Swim 21: 13 kg, 11 kg, 14,5 kg, 17,5 kg, 9 kg, 14 kg, 18,5 kg duble run with a 15,5 kg common, 15,5 kg, double run with 18,5 kg and 15,5 kg, 9 kg, 17,5 kg, 10 kg, Common 10 kg, 17,5 kg, 10 kg, 9 kg and a 20kg mirror. "We had 13 carp in total and 1 catfish. Thanks for everything Paul we had a great week. See you soon. Regards Glenn & Arthur."

Eddy Sterckx fished in swim 8. He had fish from 17, 20,2, 13, 20, 13,4 & 21 kg on his mat. In total 11 fish, 3 over 20 kgs, 4 between 15 and 20 and 4 between 10 and 15kgs.

Guillaume Rousselet Etang Furet's owner also fished Villedon and had a great mirror (picture 1) and a white koi.

Pretty good fishing for these low temperatures. Wait until the water temperatures raise a little... exciting stuff coming up!