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These are the Best Carp Lakes in France 08 November 2022

Carp fishing in France is every Carp anglers dream and that’s for one simple thing, loads of big Carp! There are so many Carp lakes in France, there really is something for every ability of Carp angler. There are plentiful, very tricky low stocked public waters with a handful very special Carp, up to holiday venues which are full of massive Carp!

It wouldn’t be right to be talking about some of the best Carp lakes in France without mentioning the mighty Rainbow Lake. Many Carp anglers would have heard about this lake in France. It really is the pinnacle of big Carp fishing in France. You have to book this venue in advance, often anglers go for two weeks at a time as it can be a very challenging lake, so giving yourself two weeks leaves you with the best chance to work the lake out and hopefully catch one of the prized Carp that inhabit it.

At Rainbow, most of the fishing is done whilst using a boat, the fishing isn’t easy so it is suited to the more experienced angler. Although “anyone” can book to fish this lake it’s not that simple as the anglers who have fished the previous year get priority to book. With most of these anglers making sure they book year on year with very few dropping out it’s pretty hard to actually get the opportunity to fish this lake but if you ever can, the rewards are certainly there.

Lac Du Der-Chantecoq: Huge & Famous

Lac Du Der-Chantecoq is another huge famous Carp lake in France which many anglers are familiar with. This is another extremely big lake, famous for its size and the size of fish! Chantecoq is in the Champagne region of France approximately 120 miles east of Paris. Chantecoq provides some pretty unique fishing, you can day fish from boats and also from the bank plus and you can also book specific night fishing swims on the venue. Chantecoq is a very challenging lake but the rewards are there if the hard work is put in.

One of the reasons this expanse of water is so unique is that it is actually split into three different lakes when the water level is down usually in the summer, then it returns to one massive lake when the water levels rise again. This can make the fishing very unique but equally difficult as the fish can move freely between the three lakes when the water level is high but not when the water level is down. Therefore, making location even more important and adding another challenge for the angler when fishing there.

Very close to Lac du Der lies Jonchery, one of our best carp lakes in France. It is an established venue and has a fabulous reputation. Jonchery is professionally managed venue, with excellent facilities and, because of its very healthy stock of big carp. It is a water that many anglers return to time and time again.

5500 acres of endless carp fishing

One of the ultimate challenges is the famous Lac d’Orient. This Carp lake is one of the ultimate challenges, at over 5500 acres this lake isn’t for the faint hearted. This is a lake for the most experienced Carp anglers. The sheer size of this lake coupled with the amount of fish that reside in this lake make it the ultimate challenge, the Carp don’t give themselves up easy. This lake is on most specimen Carp anglers bucket list.

Cassien, where it all started

Possibly the most famous Carp lake in France is Lac de Saint-Cassien. This lake has been fished by some of the biggest names in Carp fishing. At 1200 acres it is another large lake. As well as the size of it, anglers are up against it as you're only allowed to fish days on the historic venue. In 1986 a 76lb carp was caught from the lake. Carp of this size in 1986 were like mythical beasts and this capture well and truly put Cassien on the map; resulting in lots of the biggest names in Carp fishing flocking to the venue, putting their skills to the test against the magnificent Carp that reside there. There are now tour guides who run tours on Cassien so this remarkable fishing is available to everyone.