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Easter Holidays 2023. The best 100 Pics of the Season Start. 04 April 2023

Easter Holidays is usually our carp fishing season start too. Of course we have anglers fishing during winter time too, but April is start if peak season. And... we already received some great pictures from the first big fish that came out this year. Find a selection of the greatest catches from March 2023 below.

Domaine de Bouxier

These anglers had 22 runs and 20 fish out in swim 7, Domaine de Bouxier. Fish up to 25,5kg // 56lb

New PB at Carpanium

Our first customers at Carpanium this season had an excellent session. 26 runs in total.

8 fish were 20kg+ with a new PB 26,2kg. One of the best weeks fishing every they told us :-)

70lb Common at Jonchery

Catch report for Jonchery from 25.3.23 to 1.4.23
56 carp landed between 9 anglers
Every swim landing 40lbs+ carp
Up and down weather slightly slowed the fishing down but picked up by the end of the week.

Catch report from 18.3.23 to 25.3.238 anglers landed 81 carp over the week Biggest common 62lbsBiggest mirror 53lbs Good week lake bait doing the business On swims 1,2 and 3Well done gents good fishing

Domaine de Brocard

Catch report for Domaine de Brocard week 25.03 at 01.04.20238 anglers caught 96 fish. 92 carp 6 x 44. 46. 48. &. 50 lbs 4 grass 51 lbs

Catch report from 11.3.23 to 18.3.237 anglers landed 47 carp to 48lbs With the first week of opening this season the carp are starting to awake from there winter rest .Well done to all anglers.

First fish out at Lac Paul

The first fish came out at Lac Paul (Champagne Region) including these two nice commons. Also, the owner has made investments in the facilities: there's a brand new shower block and toilet.

Also, we wanted to share some very nice aerial footage with you from the lake. Check out the fish enjoying the sun at the surface. You also get a clear picture of the swim and some ideas of how the bottom looks like in different areas of the lake.

Major improvements at Grosley

Lac de Grosley started the season with brand new facilities, new chalet in swim 13 (people won't recognize the swim!), refurbished chalet in swim 10 and much more. Also, the water has been treated with a truckload of calcium carbonate to reduce acidity and to increase alkalinity of this naturally acid lake. This will keep the weed formation during summer under control.

No easy fishing these days at Grosley, but... the rewards are awesome. Check out the size of the fish caught these days in swim 19 (pics of the 3 mirrors below).

Etang Moulin: Big Common released last week

Constantin who fishing Etang du Moulin 3-4 times per year has caught his biggest fish at the lake. A fantastic common of 29,30kg // 64.6lb. Well done!

Lac de Villedon: Big!

"Here u have the Update from the last 8/9 days the beginning of the season with all the fish that came out, the fishing is going pretty good at the moment. The lake is not fully booked so sometimes the fish is on the safezones. But from tomorrow we almost fully booked.

But not alot of people have blanked last week , swim 15 had almost 40 fish with loads of 40/50/60 's. This week swim 19/17/15/3/4/5 are producing good size fish also. They are totally full after wintertime , hope u can make a nice update from the fish im sending to u in this mail.
Thanks alot and wish u all a very good year!"
Stefan van de Berge, Lac de Villedon

Domaine de Goncourt catch reports

Catch report La Botte week ending 1st April 202310 anglers28 carp1 grass carp 41lbs93 x 40’s to 47lbs11 x 30’s to 38lbs11 x 20’s to 29lbs2

Catch report Les Saules week ending 1st April 20235 anglers 5 carp 2 x 30’s to 35lbs63 x 20’s to 23lbs

Catch report Charlie Lake week ending 1 ste april 2023 1 Angler 7 day’s 5 x 40’s to 45,864 x 30’s to 36,604 x 20’s to 29,98

Catch report La Traque week ending 1st April 2023 3 anglers 6 carp 3 x 30’s to 39lb81 x 28lbs2 doubles

JB lake was good fishing too, despite the freezing weather conditions. Our customers had 16 fish out in only 2 days fishing. Fish to 39lb, mostly 30's with 3 20's (all over 25lb though). The 30's were mostly around 35-36lb.