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Breathtaking Drone Video from Etang Rys 11 July 2018

Our camera team equipped with high-definition cameras, traveled down to Etang Rys in Central France where they captured these breathtaking images.

Etang Rys is part of the huge 2500 acre private hunting property Saint-Augustin in Château-sur-Alier in the middle of France. This new lake is rented by Guillaume Rousselet, the owner from two other wellknown lakes like Etang Furet and Etang Neuf. He netted the lake and made 4 comfortable swims. If you pass the entrance of the property you will get a special feeling. The old oak forest, the quietness, the deer everywhere, the wildlife, the nature. If you arrive at the lake this feeling gets even stronger. You realise that you may stay here for a week's fishing, such a wonderful feeling!