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Carp Fishing in France with accommodation

Every Carp angler knows that the mecca for Carp fishing is France. The weather is nice, the scenery, food and wine is exceptional and the Carp are massive. France is extremely easy to get to from England and even easier from the other mainland European countries. The choices are endless when it comes to travelling to France so whether you prefer a drive and survive style holiday fishing from a bivvy or prefer fishing with accommodation on-site there are plenty of venues to choose from. Obviously the most comfortable option is fishing with accommodation. This is ideal when you are going with your mates or maybe taking the family for a break where you can also enjoy a bit of fishing.

Fishing with on-site accommodation is especially a suitable option when you are taking the family. A bivvy holiday can become cramped, stressful and uncomfortable for the members of the family who are not particularly keen on fishing or camping. This is where fishing with accommodation can be a great choice as there are so many lakes in France now that offer this exceptional experience of enjoying a gite or lodge whilst fishing for big Carp. Fishing is a great sport and it is always good to get youngsters involved and interested. Carp fishing in France with accommodation gives you the chance to be able to take the kids and maybe catch some big carp in France with some nice accommodation. This should be a sure way to get them interested in Carp fishing.

When planning for a fishing holiday in France it can get overwhelming thinking about all the tackle items you need to take then on top of that organising food for the duration of your stay. Fishing with accommodation can make this a much easier process. Firstly, you don’t need to worry about all the equipment which goes with fishing in a bivvy. Lights, cookware, bedchairs, sleeping bags and the list goes on. A massive bonus is the use of a kitchen. You can turn up at the lake, head off to the supermarket and get all the food you need for your stay, knowing you have all the cookware, fridges, freezers and cooking equipment in the kitchen of your accommodation. Holidays are meant to be relaxing and knowing all the essentials are sorted will take the weight off your shoulders.

Carp holidays with accommodation

When booking Carp holidays with accommodation you can often rent all the bulky items such as rods, reels, bite alarms, mats, slings, mats, buckets and nets; meaning a whole family or group of friends can go in one car, eliminating the costly van hire fees or multiple cars. If you have always loved the idea of going on a Carp fishing holiday but not known where to start, fishing with accommodation could be a great option for you. This is especially helpful if it is your first time fishing in France as it can become overwhelming having to think of everything at first, so this can also be a great way to ease yourself in to Carp fishing in France.

Fishing in France with accommodation will likely have shower and toilet facilities, which is another bonus you do not get when fishing under a bivvy. In short, Carp fishing in France with accommodation really is the best way to experience fishing in France. If you enjoy fishing but want that added level of comfort or if you are taking the family. Minimal preparation is needed with regards to cooking and sleeping whilst enjoying all the benefits of a holiday to France and catching big Carp.

Etang Sauvage: the perfect family carp fishing destination

On the property of Etang Sauvage there's a stunning 6 person holiday home. From the living room, the kitchen and from the bedrooms you have panoramic views over the lake. The house is literally a few meters from the waters edge. You can literally enjoy a barbecue with your family & friends and have your rodpod next to you on the terrace ;-)