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Carp with important weight gains at Châteliers 27 November 2020

In France it is now quiet, much too quiet. As a result of the Corona Measures, all non-essential businesses, bars and restaurants are closed. The entire economy is virtually at a standstill.

At the moment fishing isn't allowed as the French Government ordered all lakes to close doors during this new lockdown in France. With the absence of carp anglers, some water owners have decided to feed the fish themselves in the meantime. It's important the carp don't loose weight and have enough food to survive the colder winter months.

Jean-Paul & Delphine from Etang des Châteliers do not give up during the difficult times. Their fish are being fed with high-quality food throughout the winter of 2020/21 to increase the average weight for the start of 2021 season.

The carp stock is around 750 fish in the range of 22-61 lbs. The current lake record is a stunning carp of 61,30lb.

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They have also done some great work on the property. Swims 1, 10 and 11 have been redone with stones and gravel. Also, the track to these swims is now gravelled which improved the access a lot.

More about Etang des Châteliers

The shape of this 60-acre lake is not a normal one. At the entrance you will see a broad piece of water which after that widens in 2 long legs, which are almost 1 km each. At the end the legs become narrower and more shallow. The water there is covered with lily pads and weed beds. This is a favourite place for carp.

The bottom of the lake is sandy, with some silt and some rocks made of granite. The depths are varied and in some places the water is 3,5 meter deep. On the banks and the swims there are nice old oak trees, which can be very useful in the summertime. There are no poisson chat (=small catfish) but there is crayfish.

The carp stock is around 750 fish in the range of 22-61 lbs. Besides that there is some grass carp, roach and pike. At the entrance there is an new clubhouse with excellent sanitary facilities.