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Catch Reports May June Jonchery France 22 June 2018

Here are the latest Catch Reports from May and June for the carp fishing venue Jonchery in France

Catch report from 9.6.18 to 16.6.18
6 gents landed 9 carp to 40+
Difficult week with few lines in the water the fish have plenty of room to hide .
This week has started with a good first night

Catch report from 2/6/18 to 9/6/18
37 carp landed
Biggest 56.8lbs common
Over the last few weeks we have had lots of heavy storms and has slowed the fishing down the pressure is up and down like a yo-yo same as the wind .
Casting and fishing boillies seems to be prejudicing more bites.

Catch report from 19.5.18 to 26.5.18
76 carp landed over the week
Biggest common carp 55 lbs
Biggest mirror 54 lbs
Biggest grass 57 lbs
Lovely week with all anglers catching
Stand out pegs were peg 1 and 3

Catch report from 5/5/18 to 12/5/18
A group of six gents had lake exclusive and landed 42 carp over the week.
Very difficult as the carp were in full spawning mode for a good part of the week.

Catch report from 28.4.18 to 5.5.18
110 carp landed over the week with all pegs seeing good action.
Biggest 57lbs common
7 x 50lbs + carp
42 x 40lbs + carp
Biggest grass carp 58 lbs
14 x 40lbs + grass carp