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New owner at Domaine de Bouxier & Etang de Mont. These are the improvements you'll experience 26 April 2021

A couple of days ago Mr. de Monspey informed us he'd passed on his two venues Domaine de Bouxier and Etang de Mont to the experienced lake owner Guillaume Plet. Both successful lakes will undergo some new improvements.

A small but complete tackle shop for carp anglers has already been set up at Domaine de Bouxier. In the shop you will find a wide range of boilies, pellets, particles, liquids & dips. You'll also find end tackle such as hooks, lead & rigs. Check out the shop in this walkthrough video below.

Spawning at Domaine de Bouxier

This year, the carp started spawning pretty early at Domaine de Bouxier. The video footage from below is from 2nd April. We had a couple of warm and sunny days and the fish decided to start spawning.

With the current Corona restrictions we hardly had any customers at the venue. Only local French anglers were allowed to fish. Last week some nice carp came out, including a 23kg (51lb) mirror.

Water level at Domaine de Bouxier

Due to the persistent drought and the heat of last summer, the water level had dropped considerably at Domaine de Bouxier. At the moment though, the water level is optimal again and we're convinced this coming summer the water level won't be an issue.

But the new management no longer wants to let the water level depend on the weather. This winter they are going to drill to find a natural source of water in order to ensure a constant supply of water.

Etang de Mont

A new tent is now available in swim 9 at Etang de Mont. A french team fished there last week and had an insane session. They landed 128 carp of which 5 carp where over 20kg // 45lb. Check out the photo gallery below.

Etang de Mont & Domaine de Bouxier open from 1st May

The peak of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in France “appears to be behind us”, Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Thursday, announcing that travel restrictions will be relaxed from the 3rd May. But the nationwide 7pm curfew will remain in place until the Covid-19 epidemic is under control.

Today the new owner confirmed that he'll open Etang de Mont & Domaine de Bouxier as of 1 May for French & foreign anglers.