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Drive and survive Carp fishing in France 07 December 2022

The ‘drive and survive’ style of Carp fishing in France is very popular due to the vast amount of venue options it offers to the angler. The ability to be able to load up the car and drive wherever your heart desires is a sense of freedom many anglers don’t experience. There are a couple of ways drive and survive Carp fishing in France can be done.

You can either pre book a lake so you know where you're going or you can have a list of public lakes you would like to visit. This option is great as it gives you that excitement and uncertainty of not knowing where you may end up. Not knowing the exact stock and the challenge ahead within these big public lakes can give you a big buzz from the anticipation what could happen within your trip.

There are endless public lakes available to fish in France and these lakes can be extremely quiet unlike fishing in England where everywhere always seems to be busy. This is also a much cheaper alternative than going for an all-inclusive fishing holiday in France for example as all you require is a public fishing license.

Drive and survive fishing is such a great way to fish in France. Often with the public lakes there is no booking necessary, so you can decide to go for a French fishing adventure at the drop of a hat. With drive and survive fishing on public lakes you can up-sticks and move onto the next location as much as you please. We all know carp lakes have quiet spells where you just can’t buy a bite, with this style of fishing there’s nothing tying you down. You can move onto the next lake you had in mind.

This type of fishing isn’t the easiest but the rewards are there, if you’re a serious Carp angler looking to catch some stunning, rarely caught fish, this could be a good option for you. Equally if you just like the idea of spending time in nature with no plans or pressure and enjoy the adventure then equally this may be the perfect way for you to fish for Carp in France. This style of fishing could also be a great option for the angler who likes to be active a lot of the time, where sitting on the same lake for a week doesn't appeal to them. Rest assured, with drive and survive this style of fishing you can always be on the go.

Which kind of angler is drive and survive suited to? Drive and survive is all about the adventure and the freedom fishing new waters. Catching fish has to be your main objective on these breaks as that’s what drives you to go from lake to lake on the adventure. If you have booked on a lake with drive and survive its likely there won’t be toilet and shower facilities or any cooking facilities hence the name drive and survive.

That’s what’s so great about drive and survive, it is the angler in the elements vs the carp and that’s what so many anglers love about this kind of challenge. If you want a relaxing week with your meals being cooked for you and a cabin then an all-inclusive style French fishing holiday may be better suited to you. But if you like the challenge and the camping aspect of being self-sufficient whilst catching Carp or the adventure side of things visiting various lakes, then drive and survive option could be perfect for you.