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Etang 5 Drone Video Hundreds of carp at the surface! 28 May 2018

In May we drove down to Etang 5 to make our newest drone video from this legendary carp fishing venue located in Northern France. We were lucky with the weather: sunny and hardly any wind. You get a clear view how the swims look like, you can see some of the bottom structures near the margins and even hundreds of carp were visible in top water - See it for yourself in the video below!

Etang 5 is stunning, legendary old gravel pit located in northern France. This venue is for the angler looking for something a little bit off the beaten track and different from the norm. Set in a stunning location with breath-taking views this well kept venue is 101 acres (41 hectares) in size, with only 8 spacious swims, giving each angler ample room to fish. Depths vary between 1.5m - 8m, therefore waders, boats or baitboats are a must to explore the lakebed and find the best spots. The weed formation can make fishing difficult, especially during the hotter months, however the bottom has no major snags.

It has an amazing stock with very big carp that haven't seen a boilie in years, with weights up to a 86lb. The amount of big carp is just staggering. Because no one has fished the lake since 2009 the exact sizes of the stock are unknown, so in the next few months we'll get a better picture of the lake's population.

There is a sanitary block with hot and cold water, there is a sink, a shower and a WC. There is also a clubhouse with solarpanels to charge your boat batteries. Patrick is always around to give you the best service.

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