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Etang 5 Mirror now weighs 93lb!!! 07 January 2016

It seems just a question of time to see the first 50kg carp being caught in France when you see all the big-fish-catch-reports of the last couple of years. According to our information, Etang 5’s carp record has shot to 93 lb (42,5kg), which is the biggest carp of privately held carp fishing lakes in France. This carp, also know as Big Girl had been landed in 2014 with 42,9kg and on the 4th of November 2015 it marked 42,2kg on the weigh-sling.

The former record was held by Shoulders (43,3kg) from Etangs de l’Abbaye, but this fish sadly died last summer 2015. Big Girl will surly join other massive carp on many Monster-seaker wish lists like the world’s biggest carp caught in May 2015 by the Czech carp angler Thomas Krist at 105 lb 13 oz (48 kg) in Hungary.

Mr. Mérillon, the manager from Etang 5 has made an important investment releasing a large quantity of new grass carp into this impressive 101 acres fishery to keep the weed formation under control. On the one hand, this will make the fishing a little easier, but beware - Etang 5 is still a difficult lake where you’ll have to work very hard to catch your fish. And on the other hand, the fact that there will be less natural food, will push the carp to feed on boilies and other bait offered by our carp anglers.

It’s not the first big fish to be caught from Etang 5, in fact it holds a great deal of very large carp. Etang 5 hasn’t show it’s complete potential yet and we’re looking forward to seeing what the 2016 season will bring. It surly looks very promising.