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Etang Furet Update Catches from May 16 June 2017

Guillaume, the owner from Etang Furet, informed us that May had been a great month on his carp fishing venue. The biggest fish had been landed in swim 11: a 55lb mirror who couldn't resist a Krill boilie. Swims 8/9 made had the night of their dreams with 15 runs of which one 43lb carp. Swims 4 and 5 landed almost 20 carp of which two 50lb fish. The anglers made a large bed of boilies & mais. Swims 1,2, 3 had several capr on Vitalbaits Kraken (for sale on site) and their average was 35lb. Their biggest was 43lb+ caught on Wafter Mainline Boilies.