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Fisherman Holidays presents 2 New Hidden Jewels 11 November 2020

We very happy to have two new stunning lakes for you: Evaro & Camalo. Both lakes have breath taking surroundings and a spectacular fish stock. Find out more below.

Camalo, 1 fish out of 2 over 40lb

Etang Camalo is located in the Cher, only 30 minutes south of Bourges (Central France). Surrounded by large expanses of forests, fields and spectacular landscapes, this 14 acre carp fishing lake has only 3 swims. The VIP swim features a lodge. All swims are situated on the northern bank. There are woods on the southern banks that provide some overhanging trees onto the lake.

Managed by Guillaume, a professional fish farmer, Camalo has a spectacular carp stock that has been completed with the carp from his former venue Etang Neuf at the St. Augustine property. He believes that one out of two carp caught at Camalo will be over 40lb. There are at least 25 carp over 50lb and 3 over 70lb! + info

Evaro... small is beautiful

Set in the middle of the fields in the Champagne region (northern France), Evaro is a 7,5 acre carp fishing lake for up to 7 anglers. Ideal for lake exclusive bookings, the venue is stocked with a little over 200 lovely commons and mirrors. The biggest carp being 59lb, the management will restock the lake with some extra 50's this winter. We expect a lot of activity at Evaro next year!

Apart from these lakes, we will present 2 more lakes soon. And, La Renarde is back on track for the 2021 season.