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France to remain in strict lockdown until 11th of May 08 June 2020

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, has announced that the country will remain in coronavirus lockdown for another month. He said France would start returning to normal life on 11 May, opening first schools and colleges and lycées. Restaurants, cafes and hotels however must stay closed.

We do hope France and Europe will open the borders soon. For the moment all outdoor activities (running, walking...) are reduced to one hour per day, maximum 1 km from home. After the 11th of May we excpect that other outdoor activities, like carp fishing, will be gradually allowed. But for the moment the information the French media aren't clear on this. Personally, we think carp fishing is one of the safest activities at this moment. The possibilities of infecting someone with the Corona Virus or getting infected, when you're sitting behind your rods at a lake in the country side, is pretty low.

Fisherman Holidays will offer to postpone bookings with arrival before 11 May for free, to some point later this year (or next year). Please contact us if you have further questions or if you want to postpone your booking.

Stay healthy.