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Goncourt Fisherman Holidays Joint Venture 14 May 2019

We're proud to announce 3 new lakes: Robin Lake, King Lake & Charlie Lake. They are part of the professionally run Goncourt Complex in northern France. Stocked with gorgeous carp up to 31kg, these lakes are the perfect choice for those looking for private lake bookings. Here's a brief overview.

Charlie Lake

Charlie lake is a mature 24 acres gravel pit that has an island and numerous bays to fish. The lake is over 20 years old and was originally stocked with over 700 hundred carp. Both mirrors and commons are present. The largest carp caught to date is a mirror of 64lb15oz, which is about 29 kg. There has been over 20 other 40lb plus mirrors and commons also caught on this lake. We estimate the average size of the fish to be 28lb plus with the fish growing by as much as three pounds per year.

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Robin Lake

Robin Lake at 14 acres offers the anglers fishing here a complete Goncourt experience in terms of the strains of fish stocked in its water. It has traditional looking French mirrors, some heavily scaled Great Lake fish to well over 40lb and a few Common carp thrown in for good measure. The lake contains over 300 carp up to 66lb 4oz and contains an incredible amount of 30lb fish which are dark “traditional” English looking fish due to the clarity of the water. The lake caters for up to 6 anglers on an exclusive booking basis only and has seen anglers continually returning to this venue over the years for it’s stunning looking carp.

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King Lake

King lake is 15 acres, with 300 mirrors and common carp to just over 60lb. King lake also contains some hand picked scaly fish - these have been selected for their beauty, some of these fish are already close to 40lb.

King lake has an island which conveniently divides the lake into two halves. The lake's size makes it suitable for an exclusive booking of five anglers. This means that each angler will always have their own area of water to fish. The water has 6 swims available. The fishing on the lake is considered to be easy to moderate with multiple catches regularly reported.

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