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Good Results at Etang Furet and Nauticarp 16 March 2017

Good results are being booked at Etang Furet and Nauticarp. The draining from Etang Furet last winter is already showing it's good effects.

Last week and angler has fished Nauticarp where he enjoyed a nice session with quite some fish between 26lb and 45lb. We don't have exact figures, but the pictures are looking great.

An English carp angler is currently fishing Etang Furet and had 15 runs in 3 days. The average is around 33lb. He's using the ‘critically-balanced’ Mainline High Impact 50/50 Fruit Tella 20mm Wafters only. Guillaume, the manager of both lakes, has been fishing for the last 24 hours at Furet too and had 10 runs already. He's put Kraken vital baits boilies on the hair.

The draining of Etang Furet last winter had certainly some positive effects. Guillaume and his team removed about 600 small carp from this lake in central France and released them in another lake close by. From the 10 runs Guillaume had, he only had one 13lb carp; all the other carp were 26lb or more. His biggest was 42lb.