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good times @ MArcusans 26 October 2017

Joris sent us this short feed back on his two trips to the fishery Marcusans. His session in April was an absolute success with 45 carp, and although his September session was less, he still managed to land 22 carp of which one was 27,1kg (59,7lb)!!. Well done mate!

"First session was good in April, with 45 carp, 6 of them where above 20KG, biggest one was 25,6KG.
Small boilies did the job, on the right of swim 10, about 10 meters from the bank, and very close to the island.
A cold Northern wind was blowing strongly.
We did not feed to much, watertemperature dropped from 18 degrees to 15 degrees in a couple of days.

Second session was in September, with 22 carp. 3 of them where over 20KG, biggest 27,10KG
We did not get that many bites as in April, there was a lot of rain.
The water rose about 25cm during our stay.
Again main spots where close to the bank and island.
We used 15mm boilies." - Joris Buyse

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