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Great End of Season at Iktus 08 January 2016

The last two months at Iktus have been fantastic with incredibly high temperatures (more than 24°C in the shade, end of December), sunny days and lots of carp out over 20kg. The biggest were two mirrors of 29,5kg landed on swims 2 & 13 early December. One week later, the lads in the VIP swims had 30 carp out (9 over 20kg of which a 24,5kg mirror and a 25kg mirror). Just before Christmas, the anglers in swim 5 had lots of 20kg+ fish out and their biggest was 30,5kg!

"The day of reckoning has come in 2015, and the image of the big end of the season, the year was excellent with many records broken:
- The common carp record Password 23.6 kg to 24.8 kg knowing that another different common was therefore also taken 24.5 kg
- Mirror so the record is 30.4 kg in 2015, with at least two other different mirrors of 29.5 kg, plus a large population of carp from 25 to 28 kg. Note finally that the mirror Iktus Sturgeon record was also beaten, rising to 27.5 kg! By 2016 we should have a very strong herd of 30+!
- The record koi going from 14.5 to 16.1 kg
- Some sturgeon records have exploded as Atlantic sturgeon passes in just one year from 14 to 21 kg !!
- For the 2nd consecutive year, the total catch exceeds the symbolic figure of 100 tonnes of fish hauled! Fish have all known spectacular growth rates, and these are now over 150 different carps that exceed 20 kg on the two lakes!

In 2015, our fishermen have appreciated the new sanitary block, a rare space showers / toilets / fishing center sink fully with the standards in France but also the positions provided on the large lake, cabins on positions 5, 10 , 16, 17, 22 and 23 (in 2016 there will also post on 9 and 11) and the expansion of the store with a choice of bait at the best prices in particular.
Work hand, we are finalizing the installation of new access gates to positions on the big lake, further improve certain positions of the great lake but also Iktus Sturgeon, especially stations 22 (which was sometimes muddy ) and 23 (creation of a sturgeon stranding dock). A portal will also be laid in the winter in front of the home to better enforce the ban cars around the lake, for the tranquility of our fishermen.
Finally, our restocking plan began on 09/11/15 with 16 carp 10-20 kg + for the general lake and 8 new baeris the 12/21/2015 with 2 to Iktus Sturgeon fish unconventional: the biggest baeri "Pearl" in Europe and the longest baeri of France (44 and 45 kg !!). In January, a dozen carp 10-18 kg will also join the waters of Iktus Carpe then shortly after, twenty carp + 8 kg 5 kg sturgeon transmontanus 20/30 should complement the herd of Iktus Sturgeon and approximately one ton of carp of ten kilos for Iktus Carp to prepare the future.

We thank all our fishermen who came very numerous this year to see us and congratulate all those who have made beautiful peaches and beat their personal bests. We look forward to seeing you at the end of February Forum Carpe Montlucon where we will be next to the sponsors of the France team, and we wish you a very good year in 2016 and ever bigger fish!" Jérémy, Iktus