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Hard and cold week at Jonchery 28 March 2017

Hard and cold week at Jonchery - 30 fish out with 10°C water temperature at this carp fishing lake in France. "Fishing is steady this week but good signals that looks to getting better" Mark, Bailiff at Jonchery. 26 carp came out in swim 4, all caught on the Jonchery freezer boilie (15mm) with a snowman-rig. Mark recommends baiting no more than 10 boilies per rod; feeding more is pointless according to him.

Catch report from 18/3/17 to 25/3/17
30 fish out this week to mid 40s
Lake is starting to wake up

Below you'll also find some pictures from Peg 6, recently redone and extended.

The lads in Jonchery 7 had 44 carp last week, all caught on the Jonchery House-mix Boilie.