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Iktus 60's from May 19 June 2017

May was a great month at Iktus with quite some 60lb+ on the banks. You'll find some pictures of these big 'uns on the bottom of this page. A Spanish carp angler caught 3 enourmous mirrors in a row: 27,8kg (61lb); 29,8kg (66lb) and 32kg (70.5lb)!!

The 66lb mirror is an unknow fish to us, which again proves the potential Iktus Lake has. The 70.5lb mirror was the 3rd 70lb fish of the season; earlier this season we saw a 70lb and a73.9lb coming out (April, swim 9).

Iktus already produced 30 x 60lb fish this season.

And last but not least, the baeri sturgeon record has been broken and is now set at 52kg, which is 115lb. This fish came out at the Iktus Sturgeon lake.