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Iktus Autumn Retrospection 04 November 2016

Iktus, Laroin 04/11/2016 - Everybody knows carp fishing at Iktus, a stunning 86 acre venue in Southern France, is spectacular. But, how were the catch reports for this autumn? We asked the owner Jérémy.

Thomas: How was fishing at Iktus in September and October?

Jérémy: Apart from the last week of October, when we suffered high temperatures, we did well in September and October. Swim 21 had a peak week with more than 50 fish in 6 nights (3dr week of October). On the large lake (Iktus Carpe) some big carp have been landed. The English anglers on the VIP swim had 13 carp over 45lb (20kg)! Their biggest catches were 57lb+, 65lb and 66lb (mid October). We're talking about hundreds of 45lb+ fish, lots of 55lb+ carp and some 65lb+ for September and October. The biggest sturgeon was 176lg. The biggest grasscarp was 57lb and we also broke the lake record for common carp which has been set at 58.8lb. The good swims were 18, 19 and 21 at Iktus Sturgeon and 5, 6, 8, 9 and 12 at Iktus Carp.

Thomas: Which bait worked best?

Jérémy: As always, pellets and meat flavoured boilies.

Thomas: Are there any rigs that work better than others? why?

Jérémy: we recommend safety bold rigs that give the fish the chance to shed the hook and lead in the event of a crack off or a breakage. The carp will hook itself using 120-140gr lead, remember the bottom at Iktus is hard (mainly stoney with gravel).

Thomas: Do you have other tips for the anglers?

Jérémy: Choose your swim well according to the season and your goals. Fish with high quality bait. Do not feed your swim too much on arrival. You don't know how much bait has gone into the lake before you arrived.

Thomas: Are you going to do some improvements at the venue for next year?

Jérémy: We have scheduled 2 tons of new fish to restock the lake this winter. The sheds at the swims will all have solar lights. In 2017 we'll also prepare the opening of our third lake Iktus Run and the 2nd carp fishing venue located in Limousin (central France). We hope this will be ready for our customers for the 2018 season.