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Rules - Goncourt - JB Lake
Northern France

Reviews - Carp fishing at Goncourt - JB Lake

Northern France
A nice place to fish, not my first time there.
Quite easy to fish.
No complaints! 😊
Very well stocked lake. The lake is much better since the facilities are up and running.
I would say an easy lake to fish. I'm looking forward to going back in September. ☺
Outstanding lake & bailiff
Good stay
Thoroughly enjoyed. Would go again.
I would say the lake could be classified as easy to moderate. However, be prepared to move if there is space available. Like a lot of waters, JB fishes better with a few more anglers.
Make sure you order enough bait for the first half of the week at least, we certainly got through the maize quickly!
Thanks Phil. We had a great week :-)
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