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La Horre back in Business in 2020? 14 November 2018

Sadly a decision has been made for 'La Horre' to be shut down from 2019. We have, naturally, received numerous negative reactions to this issue, first disappointment, and then anger. Why would such a great and healthy carp fishing venue be closed down all of a sudden? So to avoid any further misgivings, last week we decided to travel to France to hear the whole truth from the famous fish farmer and leaseholder of La Horre, Mr. Bachelier.

La Horre is a “Réserve Naturelle”, a nature reserve in the Champagne Region, which is protected by the French state. The lake is surrounded by a vast amount of woods and is an amazing source of wildlife. It counts for no less than 196 bird species, 50 mammal species, 89 insect species and 21 fish species!

Over the past few years the association of Réserves Naturelles have been pushing to drain La Horre, every 10 years and leave it empty for a whole year for reasons of sanitation.
This would of course enable the mud to dry, killing any unwanted bacteria naturally, insects would be able to breed in perfect conditions, which then would be highly beneficial for the birds & mammals. For more information go here >>

Mr. Bachelier agrees that the draining is a fantastic way to “clean” the lake, as this would also provide the bottom of the lake with new rich nutrients, which would be ideal for the carp population. But, however, he thinks that emptying the lake "Once every 20 years would be ample enough".

The association of Réserves Naturelles, who employ almost 700 people, reports directly to the Ministry of Environment, directed by François de Rugy.
So, if the Enviromental Minister does decide to go ahead with the drainage of La Horre this year then no one has the power to change the outcome.

However don't despair, there is some good news, which is that La Horre will not become permanently closed. At the end of 2019 the lake can be filled again and no one could then prevent
Mr. Bachelier from releasing his carp into the lake by 2020.

The bigger issue between the environmental ministry for Réserves Naturelles and Mr. Bachelier is that they do not actually agree that fishing activity should even be allowed at La Horre. But for more than 25 years carp anglers from all over the world have been fishing there with a great deal of respect for the tranquility and the bountiful nature.

In fact, the Governor of the Champagne region is well aware of this and supports the cause. He will do everything in his power to allow the anglers to come back to La Horre in 2020.

Now, their priority is to stock more than 1000 carp in several other lakes within the region. The biggest carp (45lb+) - of around 400 - will go to Maurepaire. Others will go to Domaine de Brocard, Jonchery, Jonchery 7, La Renarde, La Brie. We are therefore confident that 2019 will still bring some great action on these lakes!

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support.