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Memorable moments in April at Etang 5 03 May 2017

Jo Green, Mike Whitfort and Tom Wright had a fantastic trip to Etang 5 last month where they enjoyed some memorable moments. Jo landed 18 carp including 5 fifties and a 61lber, Mike did very well with 19 carp and Tom had 14 carp - not counting the bream. These bream caused quite some laughs on Facebook including a Martin Luther King picture with the phrase "I have a bream" :-)

Tom fished in swim 7 (later he moved to swim 1) and finished his 2 week session with 30lbs, 33lbs, 35lbs, 36lbs, 36lbs, 37lbs, 38lbs, 42lbs, 44lbs, 44lbs, 48lbs, 48lbs, 53lbs and 54lbs. JK baits the Beard and Hybrid Tackle Armo Hooks did the job.

Jo Green and Mike Whitford fished 2 weeks in swim 6. Jo fished with The Cell from Mainline Baits. After the first week she wrote:

"Update for you from Mike Whitford and Jo Green swim 6 on Etang 5 8th to 15th april.
We caught 19 carp this week, to 23+kg. there some pictures on my facebook page jo green if you would like to see them, please feel free to take any pics you want to. I will let you know how this week goes next weekend Cheers jo"

In the end they finished on 37 carp, including 5 fifties and a 61lber.