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Most beautiful carp released into Châteliers 26 January 2021

Delphine and the Etang des Châteliers team use these quiet winter months to prepare their carp lake for the new season. Not only does everything look neat again around the water. Also underwater everything is fine-tuned with the annual fish release.

They breed carp on a nearby pond to keep the Châteliers stock healthy and varied. New healthy carp are released on the lake every year.

The breeding pond was recently fished and the most beautiful carp were hand picked. In total, a selection of about 100 new carp was released into Châteliers. All of them are beautiful specimens: fully scale, linear, ghost carp and so on.

Check out the pictures below.

More about Etang des Châteliers

Located in Western France, Etang des Châteliers has it all. A young French couple bought this property in 2014 and since than they invested a lot of time and money to make a top venue of this 24 hectares (60 acres) lake. And they succeeded. Everything is done to the highest standards: the swims, the clubhouse, the sanitary facilities, the stock, the holiday house and the charming welcome. It ticked all the boxes.

The carp stock is around 750 fish in the range of 22-62 lbs. Besides that there is some grass carp, roach and pike.

A weeks fishing at Etang des Châteliers is possible from 300€ per angler.

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