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Our New Runs Water: Izy Carp Lake 29 September 2022

Fisherman Holidays will have 3 new venues for the 2023 season. Maybe even 4…

The first lake I wanted to present is Izy Carp Lake. It’s located in the Sologne, a wild and peaceful area, covered with game-filled forests and numerous ponds and is therefore popular with hikers, fishermen and hunters. Actually, the Sologne was the preferred hunting region for the French kings and aristocrats. They built enormous castles (like the Château de Chambord, for example) to receive their “friends” from all over Europe. They would come here to party, drink, hunt deer, … during days and weeks. A bit like Ibiza nowadays, but with a different style LOL

Easy Fishing on Izy Carp Lake

Anyway, we’re getting off the track… 👉 Izy Carp Lake: the owner wanted to create a runs lake with easy-peasy fishing. So, if you’re looking for a runs water to catch loads of fish, you definitely have to check out Izy Carp Lake.

The lake is stocked with nice mirror & common carp up to 25kg (they promised to put in a couple of 30kg fish this winter… I’ll keep you posted about this), grass carp up to 25kg, sturgeons up to 50kg and over 60 koi carp up to 10kg. There's no bream, no crayfish and no poisson chat.

Lake Exclusive with many features

Izy Carp Lake features 3 double swims which are equipped with an XXL bivvy, a kitchen tent, barbecue and a table with 4 chairs. These are all included in the price, which saves you extra space in the car! You only have to bring your fishing tackle, sleeping bag and your bedchair.

The Holiday Home

If you want you can rent the on site brand new 4-person-holiday home. The venue is particularly suitable for both anglers and non-fishing guests who will appreciate the value for money.

The accommodation is located very close to your swims (about 150 m). It includes a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a Wi-Fi connection...

The property is enclosed. Closed by a fence of about 1.5m high, numerous cameras are installed for increased surveillance and for your peace of mind.