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Pascale Lake one-off discount 16 May 2019

Pascale Lake, the most sought after lake of the Goncourt Complex, is available on July 6th 2019 and also on August 10th 2019. The regular price of the lake is €2900 (£2500), but we can offer this week with a one-off discount: €2500 (£2200) for the week exclusive!

Fish Stock

Stock 130/150 carp
Lake record 72lb 13oz mirror
Lake record 65lb 8oz common
Average weight 42lb
Good stock of 50lb fish with over 30 breaking the 50lb barrier
7 known fish over 60lb
2 known fish over 70lb

Lake Facilities

7 acres - 2.8 Hectares
3.5 hour drive from Calais
Depth 1 to 4 meters
5 boats on site
5 anglers maximum
Bait delivery available
Manicured surroundings
Secure site
Accommodating up to 5 anglers
Lodge with home comforts
Cabin with facilities
WiFi (Optional) 40 euro per week
Flatscreen TV
Gas fire
Fridge & Freezer
Fully Fitted Kitchen

Please contact me personally to book this week, send an e-mail to thomas@fishermanholidays.com