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Photo Gallery from Etang Neuf draining 03 December 2020

Photo Gallery from Etang Neuf draining. Etang Neuf located in the Saint-Augustin property has been drained last week and the fish. 150 big fish will go to Camalo and his newest lake La Loubière. The biggest fish were 61lb, 63lb and 68lb. The smaller fish have been distributed to breeding ponds in the area of the fish farmer Guillaume.

Camalo and La Loubière are located in the Cher, only 30 minutes south of Bourges (Central France). Surrounded by large expanses of forests, fields and spectacular landscapes, both lakes have a spectacular carp stock that have been completed with carp from Etang Neuf and Etang Rys at the St. Augustine property. At Camalo the average fish will be over 40lb, at La Loubière it will be in the high 30's.