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Pierre Châtel New untouched 250 acre lake! 17 November 2017

It's hard to find untouched carp lakes in France, but we've found one... of 250 acres! Fisherman Holidays presents: Lac de Pierre-Châtel.

With it's total area of more than 100 hectares - which is about 250 acres -, Lac de Pierre-Châtel is one of France's biggest private owned lakes. Located in eastern France close to the Alps, this lake is roughly 1 km long by 1 km wide and has never been fished by carp anglers before! After one week fishing, our test team was sure about one thing: This will be an exclusive carp fishing venue with very few swims. Lac de Pierre-Châtel will be a fantastic detination for those carp anglers looking for a challenge, only on FishermanHolidays.com!

The lake has an unknown stock because it's impossible to drain the lake. Nobody has ever been carp fishing at Lac de Pierre-Châtel. Our test team caught over 30 carp in one week, most of the where between 30lb and 45lb. They had one 53lb. We're convinced the biggest carp haven't come out! The beauty of the commons and mirrors is remarcable! There's some silver fish, no catfish, no poisson chat and no sturgeon. There is some crayfish.

Pierre-Châtel counts only 8 swims... that's very few swims for 250 acres! Swim 1 is situated in the garden of the castle and can only be booked in combination with the modern 4-person holiday home (2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom).

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