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PinPoint Hooks: Handsharpened to perfection 28 June 2017

Your hooks should be sharp - Besides the right venue and proper baits, the most important edge is a sharp hook. It is mundane but sounds logically. With sharpness I am not looking for hooks with good quality from the package, I rather mean peaked hooks. So peaked that you cannot buy in shops. If you look at hooks from the package, you will see with a magnifier that the apparent sharp hooks are more blunt and rounded.

At the company PINPOINT HOOKS, you get hand-sharped hooks, which are so peaked that you will have difficulties in tying your rigs. Is sounds incredible, but it is real.
During the last years, I sharpened my hooks with a file, to improve it. By chance, I detected Pinpoint Hooks and I realized that I could hook much more fish, if I discovered it earlier. Irreclaimable hooks are essential for more success.

Especially when you target old fish with a hard mouth or visiting commercial venues where carp are hooked regularly. In addition, when fish are replete or during winter when they feed timid and slowly. Exactly now an ultra-sharp hook is the only opportunity to reach success. If a trained or careful fish is only hooked slightly, they will not move and just shake your hook off. (This happens much more than one would imagine) The more hooks are thin and sharp, the less the fish gets rid off it. The reason for this, that these hooks can pierce much deeper in the mouth even under a minor resistance of the lead.
Particularly on carp fishing lakes like those offered by Fishermen Holidays, you can catch your fish of a lifetime! You have to consider that carp in commercial venues are under hard and permanent fishing pressure. That leads to fish developing methods to get off the hook. You get suckered probably by carp. However, with superlative bait, sophisticated rigs and ultra-sharp hooks you can avoid getting suckered permanently. Do not compromise and save money on the wrong end and do not leave anything to chance. - by Mario Winter