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Review Summer 2015 at Iktus 02 September 2015

Just like in the rest of France, we also had to suffer the - sometimes extremely - high temperatures at Iktus. Although carp fishing is hard in these harsh conditions, Iktus produced a lot of fish; several weeks with more than 200 fish out. Catching more than 30 carp per swim in a 7 night session wasn’t rare this summer; specially swims 8 and 9 on the large lake or 17, 19 and 21 on the smaller lake.

Week after week, the carp anglers had large 50lb+ carp out - mainly in swims 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11 - with remarkable average weights: 15kg (33lb) on the Iktus Sturgeon lake and even 17-18kg (37lb) on Iktus Carp Lake.

Obviously, the VIP-swim was in pole position in July and August. Landing more than 30 carp in a week was “normal”, with numerous fish between 20kg (45lb) and 27kg (60lb).

The sturgeons were also quite active this summer, ‘vacuum cleaning’ swims like 17, 18 and 19 where our Spanish guest had memorable sessions.

We’d also like to highlight the fantastic koi carp caught in these past 3 months, like the new lake record 35lb koi banked by Spanish carp angler Ramon.

After having done the refit of the swims and the facilities last winter & spring, we were happy to finish early July the enlargement of our on site tackle shop. A large variety of FOX products, Dynamite Baits, Korda, Kryston, X2 and NGT is now available at the best price. In our merchandising corner you’ll find all kinds of t-shirts, sweat shirts, long sleeves, polos, caps, hats, cups, flip-flops, etc etc etc. Soon we’ll also have new polaroid Iktus sunglasses and lighters. We also invested in a couple of new bikes that are for rent for 15€ per week.

The end of the season is looking great, so we’re expecting a lot of 40’s and 50’s on your mats this autumn!

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