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Something is Changing at Lac de Villedon 19 March 2018

Most of you already might have noticed that things are slightly different at Lac de Villedon. Indeed, the poisson chat problem has been dealt with, the average weight of the carp has increased considerably - countering false rumors that circulate on the internet - , the gîte and the cabin have been refurbished completely… in a nutshell: a lot of great news that we want to share with you. Read on to know all the details!

Family Business

Paul, the owner from this carp venue in France since 15 years now, will welcome the clients personally with his wife. We're still looking for someone who could help with the maintenance of Villedon, so if you're interested feel free to contact us!

Poisson Chat

We'd like to remind that the poisson chat problem has been dealt with. 2-3 ago, all of a sudden, the anglers had to struggle with these small catfish. Most probable a close by venue had been drained in a sloppy way and all their poisson chat was released into the river which flows right into Villedon. During the winter of 2016-2017, Paul and his team drained the lake and removed not less than 3000kg of chats. They let the lake dry for 2 weeks and the frost finished the work.

We're not saying there's not 1 chat left in the lake, but we do know that during the 2017 season neither Paul or the bailiff heard of any poisson chats being caught. If anyone catches one this year, please let us know as soon as possible so we can tackle the problem right from the beginning.

Carp Stocks

In 2016, the management removed all the small carp and restocked the lake with exactly 65 stunning linear and fully scales less than 10 kg (22lb); That's much less than 10% of the total carp stock of Lac de Villedon. This year they also released 20 fantastic koi from under 10kg. The rumors that the big fish have been sold are completely FALSE. The other carp smaller than 10kg have been released in a nearby pond.

Gîte & Cabin

This winter, Paul & Sandra have been busy refurbishing the Cabin and the Gîte. The first floor of the holiday home has a new floor, new ceiling, new isolation, new electric wiring including sockets on the terrace. There's also new furniture.
The cabin has a new look: it got painted and there's new furniture too. We'll publish some pictures soon!

The first 50 pounders!

…and to finish, the first 50's have come out already. The season started last week with some pretty nice fish. Here are some pictures from the first 3 50lb carp and a 28,4kg fish from Louis (62,6lb). The largest carp so far came out on Sunday evening: 29,2kg (64.4lb) mirror.