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Swim choice for spring 25 March 2020

Finally, it’s spring! Most carp anglers have already prepared rods & reels and thought of many strategies & tactics for the next session. We can’t wait to get back to the banks carp fishing! This time of the year, not only the angler is on the move again, the carp also get back to action. Let’s prepare our shorter sessions home and those longer sessions abroad. Which type of lake should you book? Which swim? In this article we’ll have a closer look at different factors to choose the ideal swim in spring.

But… we’re in the middle of the Corona Crisis and nobody knows how long this is going to last. France is on a lockdown since last week and the UK is following closing schools, pubs, restaurants, cafes, gyms and other businesses. Although going fishing must be one of the safest activities, for the moment bookings for the next couple of weeks have to be postponed.

Which Lake?

We have a portfolio of great carp fishing venues suited for your session in spring. But which one should you pick? Every lake has its particular features and every angler has its preferences. It's preferable to choose a shallow swim where the water heats up a little earlier that other areas, attracting the carp to feed here.


The water temperature starts to rise and allows carp to become a little more active to go in search of more food. They need a lot of energy to recover from winter and to prepare for spawning. Theoretically, this is when they're easier to catch. Apart from warmer waters, there's another factor which will have a considerable influence: most lakes have been closed for the winter. This means that there haven't been any lines in the water, so the fish are used to move freely through the lake, without being too cautious.

Swims choice

As we already said, a shallow swim is probably the best choice for your next carp fishing trip to France. For example, if you have a look at the latest catches at Jonchery, most fish have been caught in shallow swims like swims 1 and 5; also at Brocard where swim 12 produced quite some fish.

When the sun shines for a couple of days, the fish will go to the shallow areas. A swim without trees on the margins so the sun can penetrate good into the water is a great option. Indeed, carp anglers and carp love the sun. Swims with a shallow area close to a drop to deeper areas are also interesting. In the morning carp will come from deeper areas to feed in the shallows and will have to pass your rigs. At night the carp will prefer deeper areas because the rest of the lake is still pretty cold. Feeding in a clever way, you might be able to keep the fish in your area.

Latest Catch Reports

Catch Reports from Jonchery & Domaine de Brocard

Last week some lucky anglers still had the chance to enjoy nature and some good carp fishing at Jonchery and Domaine de Brocard (Champagne). Here are the latest catch reports:

Catch report from 14th to 21st march - Jonchery

50 carp landed over the week
1x 64lbs common
4 x50s to 58lbs
18 x40s to 48lbs

"A nice weeks fishing in mainly sunny conditions." Mark - Bailiff

Catch report from 7.3.20 to 14.3.20 - Jonchery

29 carp landed over the week between 9 anglers.

Biggest mirror 62lbs
Biggest common 59lbs
Biggest ghost 59.15lbs
1x 60lbs +
5x 50lbs +
7x 40lbs +

"Well done gent a nice week for early season" Mark - Bailiff

Catch report from 14.03 to 21.03.20 - Brocard

15 anglers caught 76 carps biggest 2 x 46.2 and 53.24 lbs

"Some nice weather over the week. Well done to everyone." Mark - Bailiff