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Video - Domaine de Bouxier 02 June 2017

We've made this great video from Domaine de Bouxier to show all the beauty of this magnificent carp fishing venue in central France. We hope you like it! :-)

Domaine de Bouxier is located in the Auvergne: one of France's hidden treasures, a region of beautiful valleys, large expanses of coniferous forests, and spectacular views. Set in a stunning, picturesque and tranquil location, this private lake has plenty of interesting features.

Domaine de Bouxier is a 52 acres lake (21 hectares) with only 7 swims, dotted on the 3 sides of the lake. Each swim is provided with a wooden chalet which has a table and two chairs. Access is excellent around the lake and vehicle access is allowed. The lake has a sandy bottom with gentle slopes that run down to the middle where it’s about 3 meters deep. There are no snags or weed beds. Domaine de Bouxier is a great venue for those carp anglers that are looking to be closer to nature with some comfort.