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Video - Draining Domaine de Brocard 22 January 2021

Marco Tetteroo participated in the yearly draining of Domaine de Brocard. Mark, Francky and the rest of the team checked all the carp - they were in perfect condition by the way - and removed smaller fish (excess silver fish, poisson chat, small carp...). Now the carp have been left alone and can rest all winter.

Domaine de Brocard is one of our most successful venues in France. This former hunting domain, with a surface of 300 hectares, consists of 3 lakes surrounded by woodlands.

Brocard Small

On the first 20 acre (8 hectares) lake a maximum of 8 anglers can enjoy fishing from 4 pegs. This first lake is stocked with 360 carp between 10 - 55 pounds. Maximum depth is 2 m.

Brocard Large

The third lake - often referred to as Brocard Large - has a surface of 40 acres (16 hectares) and has a good access via a gravel path. With an average of 1.5 m, this lake is fairly shallow. It has a clay bottom with a layer of silt and hardly any obstacles. Just like the first lake, there are over-hanging trees, reed-lined margins and lily pads in several areas. There are neither freshwater mussels nor crayfish. Take into account that there might be some weed formation when the water gets warmer (towards the end of may, june...). Brocard Large is stocked with 500 carp between 10 and 50 pounds. There are catfish and poisson chat (although, again this season we've removed all the poisson chat we could).