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Will Vaulaurent still be the Underdog in 2017? 03 November 2016

Will Etang du Vaulaurent still be the underdog next year? Observing the catch reports, we don't think this will be the case.

In September and October you can see that the catches haven't been bad at all. Swims 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 were the most booked swims, and this is why most fish have been caught there. Note that the property was closed during one week in October.

The vast majority of the fish was over 20lb, with lots of 30's and 40's. As you can see, every now and then a 20kg+ (44lb+) came on the bank. The biggest were 26,300kg which is just under 58lb.

Fish meal boilies (most of the pop-up) did well. The owner recommends to explore the swim before you start fishing: where are the harder ranges, holes and other features. Concentrated ground baiting on regular basis was the other recommandation.

The current lake record is 26,700kg (28.9lb). We're confident this fantastic mirror will keep on growning next year and that other big ones are out there. Remember there's a massive stock of 550 fish in this 12 hectares lake.

The owner Michel explained that feeding boilies (crushed or not) mixed with some hem, is the best feeding strategy. Pellets and maize aren't his favourites for luring carp to your hookbait. When it comes to rigs, his number One choice is Korda's fluorocarbon IQ D-RIG: "I think it hooks very effectively. When the rig is made well, it's the rig that damages less the carp's mouth." Michel also encourages the anglers to use backleads pin the line down on the bottom.

Next season, he wants to offer some catering in a new small building and he will start a rental service of rods, bedchairs, bivvy, etc.