laroin, Southern France
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    laroin, Southern France
    35 + 15 Ha
    32kg (70.55lb)


    The Lake:
    Pyrénées Atlantiques (64)
    all year round
    Distance to lake:
    Calais - Iktus: 1041 km Le Havre - Iktus: 859 km
    87 + 40 Acres (35 + 15 ha)
    Gravel. Dead trees in front of swim 7 and VIP
    1 till 10 meter
    Max. Anglers:
    25 + 12
    1000 commons and mirror carp between 5 kg and 33,4 kg
    Weed formation:
    possible during summer months
    All the swims have a good access over a hard gravelled path.
    Price Angler:
    Iktus Sturgeon: 260€. Iktus Carpe: 290€ per week; Iktus Run: 200€
    Price per non-Angler:
    35€ per week
    Holiday home:
    from 390 €/ week

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    Quality lake
    Quality swims
    Total Score
    Feed back: 32

    "more toilets required as you arent allowed your van at the swim and the toilets are located to far from the lake. We had a nice week."

    — Jon, england
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    Carp fishing at Iktus

    In southern France, near the city Pau (Aquitaine), lies the carp venue called Iktus. The property has a total surface of 140 Hectares (350 acres) with 3 lakes: Iktus Carpe (87 acres), Iktus Sturgeon (40 acres) and Iktus Run (25 acres). This 40 year old venue features a restaurant, small tackle shop, a facilities building, bungalows, a secure perimeter with 24h/24h surveillance and of course a superb stock with carp up to 33,4kg (73.6lb).
    For the non-fishing guests there’s plenty of activities such as horse riding, golf, tennis, squash, bowling, karting, shopping malls, etc. And the Pyrenees are only 30 minutes away from Iktus.

    The Lake

    The Iktus Carpe, the largest of the 3 lakes, is a 40 year old gravel pit that stretches out over 1 kilometers (the property itself is 2 km long). The water, running down from the Pyrenees is of an extremely high quality. Depths vary between 1m and 10m. The deepest areas lie in front of swim 6. The water is so clear that the anglers lay off the hooklinks on sight. The deeper areas at the far end of the lake - swims 5 to 10 roughly - feature quite some snags; the rest has hardly any obstacles except the weed during the summer.

    Iktus Sturgeon and Iktus Run are also fairly deep with depths ranging from 2 to 10m.

    The swims

    There’s a total of 15 grassy swims on the large lake Iktus Carpe, 8 swims on the Iktus Sturgeon and 5 on Iktus Run. They are big enough for 2 anglers and have easy car access over a gravelled path. After unloading, the cars must be parked on the car parking with 24h/24h video surveillance, because Iktus is a protected natural area where cars normally aren’t allowed. The distance between the parking and the swims is considerable; if you have enough space in the car, you might want to bring a bike. You can also rent a bike for 30 Euros/ week on the site.

    Iktus Carpe isn't an easy lake because of its multiple features. The easy swims lie in the front of the big one: swims 1,2,3,12 and 13. In this area, the bottom is flatter and there are less obstacles. Fishing without a boat is possible. If you just want to cast (and you don’t wish to place off hook links and ground bait with the boat) choose these swims.

    However, we strongly recommend the use of a boat with a sounder. The lake features lots of holes, plateaus, overhanging trees and dead trees. This is where the carp live, but don’t worry; the bailiff knows exactly where they are located. When you arrive he will explain every detail from every particular swim. He will give you interesting tips that will improve your chances considerably. On the small lake the boats are not permitted, only baitboats.

    Swim 4 is surrounded by trees and has less space than the other swims. Since swim 6 has been moved about 200m, swim 6 and swim 5 have a much bigger fishing area. In front of swim 6 the bottom drops to 10m at only a few meters from the bank. This is a very interesting spot for catfish and sturgeon.

    The area between swim 6, swim 7 and the VIP swim have the most obstacles. This is where the carp feel very comfortable; from here they go feeding to the rest of the lake. True, the lake owner and the bailiff removed a lot of dead trees in 2010, but there still are some obstacles. Before you start fishing, talk with the bailiff and locate all the holes, plateaus, dead treas.

    Swim 9 lies about 2 meters above the lake level. Take into account that if you have to net a fish, you have to descend a little slope. This swim is not suitable for every angler.

    The VIP swim (= swim 8) has the biggest fishable area and it is a very interesting swim. As we already mentioned, the swim is not easy, but if you know how to fish it you will catch for sure. This swim is more expensive because the price includes also a little hut with heating, TV, fridge and freezer, two little hubs, a bicycle.

    Swims 10 and 11 lie very close to each other and can be a good choice if you want to book a group of 4-5 anlgers.

    There might be some weed formation during the summer months in front of swims 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11 12 and 13. Normally the weed grows near the banks. In this case, we strongly recommend the use of a boat to place of hook links, bait and to land the fish.

    Iktus Carpe is a superb lake where 50 – 60 runs per week are quite normal, but you have to know where to fish.

    Iktus Sturgeon has a bottom with hardly any obstacles. There can be some weed formation close to the margins but this won't bother you while fishing.

    Iktus Run is on the far end of the property. Cars can be parked at the swim, but can't be used during your stay. The lake is about 2 km from the facilities, restaurant & tackle shop. Anglers who book swims 24 & 25 must be aware of the power lines that cross the lake. They're high so they won't bother.

    Chalet on the swim?

    Swims 5, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 22 and 23 have a 20m2 chalet for rent for an extra 100€ per week. They are large enough for 2 bedchairs. They don't have electricity or running water.

    The stocking

    The fish stock of Iktus Carpe consists of about 1000 commons and mirrors between 5 and 33,4kg (73.6lb). Lots of fish weigh more than 15kg (33lb). Originally, the lake was stocked with wild common carp and the biggest common carp caught was 23kg (50.7lb) caught in June 2013. Having seen the tremendous growth of the carp through these years we are absolutely convinced that the 2014 season will bring a new generation of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

    The lake is also stocked with catfish up to 200lb, sturgeon up to 125lb, pike, blackbass, etc. There’s no “poisson chat” or crayfish.

    The fish-stock of Iktus Sturgeon consists of about 450 common- and mirror carp between 22-45 lbs, 220 sturgeons of 17 different variaties between 20-180 lbs, including France's Sturgeon Record: the stunning 180 lb Transmontanus. There are also 30 koicarp between 15-30 lbs and several grasscarp.

    Iktus Run is stocked with lots of 15-20lb carp to offer action around the clock, great for novice and younger carp anglers.


    Our anglers are welcome in the club house every day from 12.00h. They have a small tackle shop in the mezanine; the bar/restaurant has a nice terrace with fantastic views over the lake. There’s a sanitary building at the entrance of the venue with showers, washbasin and washing machine.

    You can rent your tackle on the site, as well as boats (only the boats from Iktus are allowed, you can not bring your own boat). At Iktus they also offer a shuttle service from and to the local airport of Pau (operated by several low cost airlines, like Ryanair), situated at about 10 min from the lake.

    There are little bungalows for rent with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms – blankets and towels are not available, you have to bring them. The prices range from 300 to 350 Euros for the small bungalows (max. 2 pers) and 400 to 640 Euros for the bigger bungalows. The distance to the swims is about 500 m

    The Pyrenees are a 35 min drive from Iktus.


    Per Angler; large lake (Iktus Carp): 290 € per week (Sat-Sat)
    Per Angler; small lake (Iktus Sturgeon): 260 € per week (Sat-Sat)
    Non-Anglers: 35 € per week (Sat-Sat)

    Kids under 15 year are free.

    Vip- swim: 220 € surplus for the swim

    Tackle hire: 150 € per week.
    Unhookingmat, weighsling, rodpod, rod, bedchair... : 30 € per week per unit
    Bike: 30 € per week
    Boat: 50 € per week
    Sounder: 30 € per week


    Holiday Home

    About the property

    Number of rooms: 4 --- Kitchenette, Dining room, 1 Shower room, 1 separate toilet, Terrace.
    Bedding: 1 double bed, 3 single beds, 2 bunk beds, 1 camp bed.
    Floor: ground floor
    Building: Year of construction: 2008

    Indoor facilities

    Kitchen: Hot plate, Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee maker.
    Bathroom: Shower.
    Multimedia: TV, Cable TV / Satellite TV, Wifi Internet connection.

    Outdoor facilities

    Parking lot belonging to the building, Charcoal barbecue.

    Access for the handicapped, Washing machines at the disposal of all tenants, Caretaker, Reception desk, Airport transport upon demand.


    from 390€ - 640€ per week



    General Lake Rules IKTUS

    Club House is open from 9 :00h to 12 :00h and from 14 :00h to 18 :00h. Before setting up you must check in at the Club House.
    ARRIVAL: between 14:00h and 17:00h
    DEPARTURE: between 9 :00h and 12:00h.
    Vehicle access is allowed at low speed to reach the swims and to unload tackle. Cars must be returned to the parking area.
    Only green or camouflage tents are allowed. No gazebos, please.
    Swimming is not allowed. Dogs must be kept on leads. Fires are not allowed (gas stoves are permitted.)
    The sanitary building is open 24h/24h and 7 days a week. Please keep clean.
    Do not damage trees or vegetation. Please use the bins provided. Do not throw anything into the lake or on the ground (bottle tops and cigarettes ends). Do not wash the dishes in the lake.
    Please keep the noise to a minimum & respect your fellow anglers.
    Children must be under adult surveillance.

    Carp Fishing Rules

    A refundable payment of 50 Euros will be asked at your arrival and will be returned to the client at the departure.
    Fishing is no-kill. Fishing with life bait and lures is strictly forbidden.
    Bait boats, bait rockets, spods and the use of Iktus-boats are allowed. (Own boats are not allowed in order to prevent carp diseases.) Please use a life vest.
    The use of boats is only permitted in the big lake and in the designated fishing zone. Baiting, placing off hook links and exploring the bottom with the boat is allowed. E-motor is allowed.
    3 rods only. Barbless hooks, completely flattened barbs are ok. Max. Hook size is n°2. Rods shouldn’t be left unattended.
    Shock and snag leaders are forbidden. Leadcore is NOT allowed. No braided mainline and the nylon mainline should be between 28/100 and 40/100.
    Only safe rigs are permitted, rigs that allow the lead to come off in the event of a breakage.
    Large unhooking mats must be used - minimum size 1.20m x 90cm and they must always be wet before use. Large fine mesh landing nets must be used together with weigh sling with rigid frames. Max. 3 markers per swim.
    Please fish only in your designated area, do not fish in areas belonging to other swims (even if they are available).
    Carp anglers are not allowed to fish with artificial lures (for pike, bass, etc...)
    All fish caught must be treated with care, kept wet and released carefully. Sturgeon need particular attention as they are fragile fish. They must not be landed in a net - they must be landed by the tail, as there is a danger of breaking their spine. Photos should be taken in the water in order to minimise their time out of water.
    Carp sacks are not allowed. All fish must be released immediately after a photo. Photos should be taken over a wetted unhooking mat. It is forbidden to stand with the fish. Photos should be taken kneeling. It is strictly forbidden to mark or damage the fish.
    The management reserves the right to exclude any angler found drunk on the premises without refund.


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