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Boilies, Particles and Pellets at Domaine de Goncourt (updated prices for 2020) 02 December 2019

Domaine de Goncourt offers a wide range of particles, pellets and boilies. To ensure the health of their fish, Maxime only sells high quality products. Here’s a list with all the available baits with the updated prices for 2020. It’s important to make your orders prior to arrival.



Cooked maize: 12 euros per 5kg per bag

Cooked Hemp: 15 euros per 5kg per bag

Maxime's Chilli Mix : 20 euros per 7kg bag



Pellets: 15 euros per 5kg bag

These top quality pellets are available in 4mm, 6mm and 9mm sizes. Domaine de Goncourt refreshes the stock every 6 months to guarantee its quality.



On site, we provide a wide variety of boilies. All of the bait supplied by Domaine de Goncourt at King Lake, Charlie Lake, Robin Lake and JB Lake is made fresh, rolled fresh and stored fresh. We want to offer the best quality bait to our customers for their arrival on the lakes.


Coconut Cream 45 euros per 5 kgs

“This bait has had a few changes over the last few years but now we feel it is perfect for all our lakes. We have taken our proven protein fishmeal mix and added a coconut meal into it. To this we have added a few special attractors which aid the palatability of the bait. This produces a lovely irresistible creamy coconut boilies that are guaranteed to catch fish for years to come. The mix has already caught some large carp in the UK and Europe over the last few years and we are sure it will do the same at Goncourt.” Maxime

Squid and Orange : 45 euros per 5 kgs

“A proven fishmeal mix which has worked well on Domaine de Goncourt. This mix is made up of a high quality fishmeal, top quality proteins and attractors. The mix also has a few special ingredients that make this mix a constant fish catcher year on year.” Maxime

Peach and Pepper : 45 euros per 5 kgs

“What can be said about this bait that hasn't already been said. This is still the original mix used years ago and still continues to catch large carp within the complex. This is a high quality fishmeal mix with loads of krill added to make it irresistible to carp. Combined with this is an array of attractors and supplements that make these boilies one of our top sellers throughout the season.” Maxime

Of course, you can bring your own baits to Domaine de Goncourt but almost all regular clients prefer the Goncourt baits because it saves a lot of space in the car, the prices are very interesting and maybe most important: the fish love them! The Goncourt complex only allows professionally prepared bait; unprepared baits or poor quality baits cause fish death and these are not tolerated at the complex.

We’d like to underline once again that nuts are forbidden at Domaine de Goncourt. This also applies to certain rigs used within the complex such as lead core. The management is very strict on this matter. Respect the regulations please, they’re put in place to ensure the fish safety. The bailiff Maxime will do regular bait & rig checks on all of the lakes to make sure all anglers respect the rules.

Please order your bait prior to arrival to make sure we have enough in stock to serve you. On site, you can order extra bait, subject to availability.