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Changes at Lac de Grosley 20 June 2019

Because we've heard and read the wildest stories about our bailiff Eric Verhiest leaving Lac de Grosley, we'd like to inform our customers about the changes at this fantastic venue. People have spread wrong or even false information and ludicrous rumors. Some messages were ridiculous, a few were sad direct personal attacks.

The basic ingredients for a successful venue won't change: a friendly welcome at arrival, a safe and clean swim, clean facilities and of course gorgeous carp.
But we want to go back to basics and concentrate on carp fishing. The food service will disappear as well as the bike rental and bait boat rental. Particles will still be for sale on site. There will be a relaxed ambiance where everybody will be welcome. Does this mean that the lake won't have any regulations? No, of course not. The rules will stay in place to guarantee the safety of the fish, the respect for other anglers, nature & the tranquility over all, and to keep the facilities in good shape.

The new bailiff will no longer live on the venue, but will visit the anglers 3 times a week and any time someone needs help. He will do the maintenance of the lake, keep the facilities clean and check if everybody respects the rules. We at Fisherman Holidays will always be available over the phone if necessary. We'll also be more often at the venue personally to coordinate all the tasks on site.

From 2020 (next season) only full weeks from Saturday to Saturday will be available. The idea is to have less pressure on the fish and less arrivals & departures. This will increase the tranquility. Of course, if you've already booked a weekend or midweek for 2020, we will honor your booking.

We have more than 25 years experience running carp fishing venues and we know this decision, which not everybody will like, will improve the experience at Lac de Grosley and will be better for the carp too.

Finally, we'd like to say a warm thank you to Eric: for his effort, his love for the carp & for carp fishing. Of course, we wish him tremendous success in his future endeavours.

And we would like to thank YOU for trusting us during all these years.

Best Regards,
Michaël, Nicolas, Thomas & Martin.