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How to tie a Zig Rig: all you need to know 27 April 2022

Zig rigs are a great way to catch Carp as they used to present a bait in the upper layers of the water where Carp spend a lot time, especially in the warmer months. A zig rig is a type of Carp rig which allows you to suspend a hook bait in any depth of water you choose, from just above the bottom at one foot, all the way up to fishing an over depth zig on the surface. The reason why Zig rigs are such a great way to catch Carp is due to the fact that without them there is so much of the carp’s habitat we are unable to fish for them. For example, without Zig rigs there are two ways to catch Carp, at the bottom of the lake bed with a bottom bait or pop-up; or alternatively surface fishing.

If you're fishing a lake which is 20ft deep and you can only fish on the bottom or the top that means a carp can be cruising or feeding in any depth of water from the bottom up to 20ft. Now this is where the Zig rig comes into its own - you can now fish for these carp at any depth they’re feeding at resulting in you catching a lot more carp.

When to use a Zig Rig

An ideal scenario to use a Zig rig would be this… It is spring time and the carp have just woken up from their winter slumber. The sun is shining and the pressure is high, you can see them cruising around in the upper third of the water where the sun has warmed up the water the quickest. The carp are undoubtedly taking little mouthfuls of naturals which are in their eye line. Now is the perfect time to dispatch a zig rig out there at the depth those carp are swimming.

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What do I need to tie a Zig Rig?

Having now explained why this way of catching carp is so effective this is how you tie it. The equipment you will need are as follows, Tail rubber and lead clip, anti-tangle sleeve, size 8 swivel, a swivel lead at your desired weight, zig line, size 8 mixer or wide gape hook and lastly a hook bait. This can be a small pop-up or piece of foam.

Firstly, thread the lead clip and tail rubber onto your mainline, then tie on your size 8 swivel, this can be done with a simple 7 turn blood knot. Pull the swivel into the lead clip and you will feel it click into place. Thread your chosen lead onto the lead clip. This is your lead system now set up which you will attach the zig rig too.

Now for the rig, cut your chosen length of Zig line just over the required depth you want your zig to be, cutting it slightly longer means once you’ve tied your knots it will still be the desired length you want your Zig to be. In one end of your Zig line tie a small overhand loop knot and mount your chosen hook bait to this.

Now to attach your hook to this with a simple 8 turn knotless knot when doing this ensure you have positioned your bait fairly tight to the hook not to leave the hair too long. This will help prevent tangles and help with the hooking properties of this rig. Next thread on your anti-tangle sleeve and tie a figure of eight loop knot in the end of your Zig line. Now you have tied your Zig rig, simply attach this to your lead set up by pushing your figure of eight loop knot through the swivel and passing the rig through the loop; this will loop-to-loop the rig onto the lead system. Lastly, pull your anti-tangle sleeve over the swivel. This is now a finished Zig rig set up ready to be cast into the lake.