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Iktus Catch Report for September and October 2015 09 November 2015

September & October offered our guests at Iktus some good, even excellent fishing conditions. There was lots of activity and a big carp festival. For example, to lads in the VIP swim had over 60 runs during their stay and landed two massive carp of 26kg and 28kg. That same week, another angler moved around the lake to find the carp and finally did. He had 80 carp out (most of them in swim 3) including a double of two mirrors: 28kg and 29kg. The Big Carp Magazine - Team also enjoyed of a great weeks fishing in swim 5. Their biggest fish was 29kg.

The smaller lake "Iktus Sturgeon" has just closed the season. Swims 16, 19 and 23 produced a lot of large sturgeon - swim 19 for example had a double with 2 Transmontanus Sturgeon of 45kg and 46kg - but also some impressive carp. Iktus Sturgeon's lake record is now a marvelous 27,5kg mirror - which is just over 60lb.

In comparison to last year, we noticed a net increase of the average weight and we're sure the carp will continue growing throughout 2016. Next year is looking good! So keep a close eye on the 2016 planning as spaces are filling up quick.

Jérémy never stops and now he has an even wider range of products: Iktus umbrellas, caps and other goodies. All kinds of end tackle from Fox, Dynamite Baits, Kryston, Korda, NGT. He also plans to restock his lake with carp between 11 and 20kg. And to finish, we'd like to mention that his team has a new member: Valentin. He will welcome you along with Laurent, Ludo and Jérémy.