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Lake Exclusive France: all you need to know 26 September 2022

So you are searching for a lake exclusive in France? Whether your looking for a runs water, a big carp lake or searching for the perfect family holiday destination, check out our wide variety of exclusive drive-and-survive lakes in France.

Small Lake Exclusive France

Knowing that your holidays are limited per year, and that you want to find the perfect venue, we have meticulously chosen 25 carp lakes for you. Many of the lakes you’ll find on our website are over 10 hectares or 25 acres. But we do have small lake exclusive venues like Evaro with 7,5 acres (3 hectares), Etang Sauvage with 8,5 acres (3,5 hectares), Robin Lake and Camalo both with 14 acres (5,5 hectares) each. You can see the surface of each lake in the description of each and every lake.

All-inclusive Carp fishing holidays

Carp Fishing in France is something on many angler’s bucket list. The ability to be able to sit by a lake for a week or more in the sun, sipping beer whilst catching Carp sounds perfect. One thing that may put some people off is the fact that holidays should be a getaway from the stress of life, a time to unwind. When booking a Carp fishing holiday it can often come with its own stresses, travel to the lake, food once you get there and all the equipment you need. This can make the holiday seem less appealing and this is where all-inclusive Carp holidays really come into their own as they take the stress out of everything leaving you to just enjoy the holiday and not have to think of all the things you need to book and sort out!

Lake Exclusive Carp Fishing

Carp fishing in France is every Carp anglers dream and that’s for one simple thing, loads of big Carp! There are so many Carp lakes in France, there really is something for every ability of Carp angler. There are plentiful, very tricky low stocked public waters with a handful very special Carp, up to holiday venues which are full of massive Carp!

Carp Fishing France Lake Exclusive

Big carp fishing near me’, this phrase is likely to go through every carp angler’s Google search bar at some point in time! Most carp anglers want to catch the biggest carp possible. That’s what gives us the buzz, the excitement when that bobbin pulls up tight. It's what gets us up early on a February morning when it is freezing cold and drizzle is in the air. It's what drives us to do what we do week in, week out. Of course, there are other reasons why we go such as the love of the outdoors, the freedom, but ultimately one of the biggest driving factors is that pursuit for big carp!

French Carp Fishing Lake Exclusive with accommodation

Every Carp angler knows that the mecca for Carp fishing is France. The weather is nice, the scenery, food and wine is exceptional and the Carp are massive. France is extremely easy to get to from England and even easier from the other mainland European countries. The choices are endless when it comes to travelling to France so whether you prefer a drive and survive style holiday fishing from a bivvy or prefer fishing with accommodation on-site there are plenty of venues to choose from. Obviously the most comfortable option is fishing with accommodation. This is ideal when you are going with your mates or maybe taking the family for a break where you can also enjoy a bit of fishing.