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New lake record at Iktus! 08 May 2017

April produced quite some surprises at Iktus. End of March a 64lb mirror came out in swim 3. Early april spanish carp anglers caught a 67lb mirror on the smaller lake "Iktus Sturgeon" in swim 21, which is the first 30kg+ carp of this lake.

Right after these great catches, Iktus Carpe - the large lake - produces a 69,44lb mirror followed by a 73,80lb mirror. This massive beast beat the current lake record after 4 for years.

April produced several other monsters: 27kg (swim 5), 27,7kg (swim 4), 26kg+ (swim 8), 29kg (swim 4), an unknown fish of 28kg (swim 17) and anohter 28kg mirror in swim 22. The last fish was "only" 25kg last year. English anglers landed a 29,5kg carp in the VIP swim and a 30kg in swim 12. All fish were in top condition and put back safely into the lake.

Other remarkable catches were the 72kg+ sturgeon caught in swim 6 and several other sturgeon of 70kg (Baeri, Albino...). Jérémy, the owner from Iktus, also informed about great grass carp up to 26kg, amazing koi with fantastic tales and colours up to 17kg.

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