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Improvements at Grand Fontenay: chalets, swims & fish 04 February 2022

This winter, a lot of work is being done at Grand Fontenay. The domain always looks tidy, but certain things needed a refit, according to Guillaume, the manager of the venue. The swims have been redone, chalets refurbished. And we've also put together a gallery with some very good looking carp caught last year at the lake. Here's the latest.

Chalets completely renovated

The chalets in swim 2 and swim 3 have been renovated from top to bottom. They have a new floor, the walls have been re-coated, there is a new kitchen, the bathroom is in perfect order, there is a new heating/air conditioning and the swims have been redone. Below you'll find some pictures in the gallery.

Improvements on the Swims

Swim n°1 has a small hut on the swim and currently features 2 single beds. These will be replaced by a bunk bed under which a third bed can be pulled out. So from this season the hut can sleep 3 persons (for example 2 adults and a child). The hut is also made a bit bigger to offer more space around the table.

Swims 16 and 17 from now on sleep 2 people. There will be a fold-out bed in each hut. Because the wind often blows towards these swims, it was decided to remove the wooden pontoons. They will be replaced by gravel swims which are much more stable.

As you know, quite a few swims have electricity. This will also be the case for swims 5, 6 and 7 (from April 2022).

The most beautiful fish of Grand Fontenay

Many beautiful fish were caught in 2021. We have selected the most beautiful fish and photos for you. Of course, there were too many to publish them all, so below you will find a small selection of the photos that have been sent in. Have you caught any of these fish before? Which one do you like best?