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Irresistible New Features and New Carp for Etang Lassalle 27 January 2022

This winter things have changed a lot at Etang Lassalle. At first sight you won't notice, because the changes are under water. A staggering 600 000 cubic meters of water have been drained to empty the lake to be able to bring in heavy machinery. Over 10 000€ have been spent in groundworks.

To make the lake even more interesting and make the carp move around a little more, the owner created some very interesting features on Etang Lassalle: two large plateaus and 3 massive pits.

Between swims 2-3-7-8 there's a large plateau around 2 meters under the surface. A similar plateau is between swims 7-6-4-3. The plateaus also feature water lilies, so these will be a very interesting spot to drop your hook links.

Also, 3 massive holes have been dug. One is in front of swim 5, another one in front of swim 7 and a third hole of 2-3 meters deep is between swims 3 and 4.

The water level is almost back to normal. In about one month the last 60 cm of water will fill the lake and the carp will have magnificent playground for themselves.


Stefan Mijle, the Belgian owner informed us also that they'll release around 60 new carp into the lake. And by the end of the year around 20 hand picked bigger carp (with spectacular colouring and scaling patterns) will be delivered.