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This is the biggest carp from Iktus 11 March 2020

New record at Iktus Carp where a stunning 74lb+ carp has been landed. Yannick caught this great fish in swim 14 at the end of February. The season kicks off well, especially because earlier this year Daniel unhooked a 71lb common carp in swim 5.

"Winter was perfect to feed our carp especially with this very mild climate which encouraged their growth. We also took our time to make some improvements on the property.

We now have a better delimitation of the swims so that everyone can easily respect their fishing area and not disturb their neighbors (we will be very vigilant this year),

We also perchased an electric car for better delivery service to the swims, a rotary cutter for perfect maintenance of the banks, 10 new boats, and a carp shop now finished, new interiors included.

The swims have all been improved, the interior of swim 8 (VIP) completely redone, access to water at swim 9 has been improved, and all the interior partitions of the fishing huts have been removed.

Thus, the cabins of swim 5, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 22 and 23, still free one week, will be rented (optional) from March 1, only 50 euros per week, for dry storage and securing your equipment.

We've introduced more than 50 new beautiful koi carps to Iktus Sturgeon, as well as more than 50 mirrors weighing more than 20 - 25lb at Iktus Carp; all gorgeous fish!

The prices do not change, always 200 euros per week at Iktus Run and 300 at Iktus Carp (based on a carp angler, 3 canes).

The 2020 season presents itself under the best auspices, but beware, the reservation schedules are filling up very quickly at the moment!" Jérémy, owner Iktus